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Blended Release Boost By: Sasha Brümmer!!!!

Title: Blended
A Redemption Novel
Author: Sasha Brümmer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 19, 2016
Clichéd sentiments of love are not my thing. Instead, I give into raw temptation and thrive on the physical aspects of what men have to offer. Unemotional, carnal connections are what I live for, and they seem to keep me in a blissfully naïve state.

I’ve gone years with a different man in a different bed each night, but one glance from a ruminating stranger as he lifts my panties to his nose narrows my attraction from multiple men to only one.

I’m not entirely sure how to process the thoughts and passions battling in my mind until he gives me no other choice…until I’m thrust into an unstable emotional high that I cannot seem to resist.

His objective is to break me in and savor me as if I’m his favorite bottle of single malt whiskey.

I’m well aware of my sensual dependencies. He’s unaware that his still exist.

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A self-published author by night and all around busybody by day, Sasha is an international baby, born in gorgeous South Africa. Her cultured lifestyle is one that many don’t get to experience. When she’s not preoccupied with reading romance novels, she’s hashing out new ways to translate a titillating and libidinous scene onto a page. 
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Didn't I Warn You By: Amber Bardan

Title: Didn’t I Warn You
Series: A Bad For You Novel
Author: Amber Bardan
Genre: Romantic Thriller/Suspense

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Not everything dangerous is bad.

From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him, she fell into a fantasy.  Mysterious, foreign, gorgeous, Haithem offered her what she needed most—a chance to feel again.

But Haithem is much more than he appears to be. He lives in a world of danger where everything comes at a price.

For Angelina, that price is her future.

He’s made sure the life she’s left behind is in tatters. Made her family believe she’s dead. Still, he talks about protecting her, about keeping her safe, but she can’t distinguish his truth from his lies. She can’t separate her pleasure from his betrayal.  

Haithem warned her. He told her he'd make her heart race, her body come alive, and her most primal needs rush to the surface. His for the taking.

He didn’t say she’d come to love the devil who’s destroying her, even as he keeps her prisoner.

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Author Bio: (photo attached)
After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her time in a coffee-fuelled adrenaline haze, writing romance with a thriller edge.
She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.
Amber is an award-winning writer, Amazon Bestselling Author, and member of Romance Writers of Australia, Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and Writers Victoria.
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Amber Bardan
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In The Series:
Didn’t You Promise (A Bad For You Novel) - AVAILABLE NOW
Don’t Lie To Me (A Bad For You Novel) - PRE-ORDER RELEASING OCTOBER 24, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pour Your Heart Out By Zoe Lee

Pour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee
Release Date: September 15th, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Chase Cade is as untethered as a kite without a string.

The minute she drives past the “Welcome to Maybelle” sign after six months traveling, she knows the quaint little town is something new entirely. It’s more than the good food and welcoming people -- with the exception of the gruff bartender she meets her first night out. 

Aden Riveau couldn’t be more rooted in Maybelle if he were an actual tree. 
In a town that caters to tourists, his bar is the only place the locals have all to themselves. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone, and nothing spoils his peace more than having to deal with nosy, gawking tourists who don’t stick around.

She’s only in Maybelle for a vacation, and he’s never taken a vacation in his life. He can’t stop thinking about how different she is, and she can’t stop trying to figure him out. But her reservation has an end, and his never will, unless he can find a way to pour his heart out. 
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“Do you think I could get into your secret bartender society now?” she asked with a small, fleeting smile. “Since you kind of just poured out your heart to me?”

Aden looked down at her, his grip relaxing on the railing, the lines at his mouth growing shallower and then all but smoothing off his cheeks, only to reappear suddenly around his eyes as he grinned. “I don’t know, the dues are pretty high,” he warned her.

Holy fucking shit, she thought, her brain flushed of all ability to function. That smile was not the smile of a boring, humorless cynic. It was... it was transformative, like using the flash on a camera so that an image which would be bleak and all shadows without it became colorful and saturated. Her knees locked so that she wouldn’t tip over.

“I’m a pretty good negotiator,” she promised, her brain still mush.

And then he chuckled, a little rumbly sort of thing like a muscle car idling on the street outside, and her heart turned over hard, because that smile and that chuckle were the first time he’d reacted positively to her, untainted by his grumpy attitude. It was... beautiful, and her brainless mind whispered, unable to help it, “But your ex, it is over?”

“It’s definitely over,” he declared in that same rumble as his chuckle.

Shivering again, her brain still too tipsy to overanalyze anything, she lifted her hands to scrape up the plaid fabric of his shirt slowly, bumping over the pockets on his pecs.  She gripped the muscles right next to his neck and rocked up on the toes of her wedges as best as she could.  Her eyes fell again to his mouth, and she kissed him.  

She was expecting him to hold her at bay or turn his head, not feeling what she was.
But those hot, rough hands cupped the back of her head, squishing the tips of her ears heedlessly, and a thick tongue licked her bottom lip.  On a soundless gasp, she caught it, and the kiss became a wet surge of tongues back and forth between their mouths. Her body stumbled against his and he took her weight.  Their arms tangled together and her thighs trembled from the effort of keeping her balance on her wedges, but she didn’t care.  

Her exes were also steady, reliable men like Aden, but it had left them dull, their kisses without spirit.  Aden kissed like a man who was just as lost in the moment as she, that crooked nose blowing hot blasts against her cheeks as if he were a galloping stallion.  

The minutes tumbled one past the next until she grew dizzy from not being able to take in enough air.  Then she stepped back with a gasp, their mouths pulling apart so suddenly that they hung open.  Aden stared down at her, his lips parted and his breaths quick. “Wow,” she breathed in appreciation, “was that your first kiss post-ex?”

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About the Author:
Zoe has been writing since she was a little girl, growing up north of Chicago. Since then, she's lived in Ohio and San Francisco and now lives near Boulder. She has a job that she loves, but it doesn't sound exciting to anyone else. She does yoga and takes dance classes when she can. She has a husband, who reads her romances, and an amazing little girl, who is way too young to read what Zoe writes (yet). She's inspired by her family and friends, books and art, and all of the places she's traveled.

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Conflicted By Lisa Suzanne

Title: Conflicted
Author: Lisa Suzanne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2016

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“Be a good little assistant and go get me some coffee.”

Comments like this are why I hate my boss. Since taking over as CEO of Benson Industries, Cole Benson has been demeaning, arrogant, and infuriating.

For as much as I hate him, I can’t stop thinking about him. A captivating attraction passes between us each time his dark eyes meet mine. As the late nights and business trips add up, we are compelled to cross the line of our professional relationship.

But how can I call him my boyfriend when I already have a husband?

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Excerpt 1
“I need you to pick up my tux before lunch today.”
“Yes, sir.” I returned to my desk with a heavy sigh, wishing he could be just a little nicer to me.
But if he was, I’d be in real trouble. If he gave me any glimmer of hope that he might be a likable person, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to suppress my attraction to him.
As the warm California air blew in through my lowered window, I couldn’t help but think how nice it was to get out of the office. Even if it was because I was running around as my boss’s bitch. After I picked up his tux, I grabbed him a Venti Vanilla Latte from Starbucks as a special treat. I hoped it would cheer him up a little and maybe calm his nerves.
On second thought, caffeine probably wasn’t the answer.
When I got back to the office, I stood in Cole’s doorway with his tux. “Sir, I have your tux. Where would you like it?”
He pointed toward the door in his office that led to a private restroom, and I opened the door and found a hook to hang his tux on. When I emerged, I set the coffee on his desk. “I also brought you a little treat,” I said sweetly.
He glanced at the coffee. I expected his eyes to soften as he looked up at me gratefully, or even a word of thanks for the coffee and the tux, but instead, he looked back at his paperwork. “Thank God you didn’t spill any on my tux.”

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Excerpt 2
“I’ll save myself from further embarrassment by cutting in.” His voice was deep, and I caught his scent before I saw him. Jack smiled at me and made a face like he’d gotten in trouble.
“I’m off to get Arlene some more wine.” He elbowed Cole in the ribs. “She gets a little randy after she’s had a few.” He laughed and scampered away to find his wife while Cole rolled his eyes in disgust.
He took my small hand in his big one, and my entire body flushed with heat at his proximity. Our hands had never touched before. If anything, he did his best to avoid any sort of contact with me.
His skin against mine was electric.
Just our hands touched, but it felt as if he was touching me everywhere.
He laced one arm around my waist as the notes of another ballad filled the room. We were dancing like old people, my hand in his, his arm around my waist, and my other hand resting on his shoulder.
That big, broad shoulder hidden behind his tuxedo coat.
My fingers flexed involuntarily, and I couldn’t help but notice how hard his entire body was beneath that sexy tux. My mind wandered and my mouth watered as I thought back to that picture I’d seen of him wearing just his swim trunks. That mental image mixed with the man in the flesh sent an aching need right to my core.
He pulled me just a bit closer to him, surprising the hell out of me, and I felt something rigid pressing against my hip.
Holy. Shit.
Was he as hot for me as I was for him?
No way. There was no possible way.
But his erection digging into me told a completely different story.
“What was my father telling you?” he asked in a deep rumble. I looked up into his eyes.
God, he was handsome. His milk chocolate irises had golden flecks in them that I’d never been close enough to notice before, and his breath smelled of peppermint.
I couldn’t think when I was this close to him. Words caught in my throat.
“That bad?” he asked. I sensed his nervousness.
I cleared my throat and broke our eye contact so I could think. “Just a proud father bragging about the time his son took off his clothes in a department store.”
“God. He tells everybody that stupid story. I’m surprised this is the first time you’ve heard it.”
I smiled. “It’s not so bad.”
“I was ten.”
I choked on my laugh as I tried to hold it in.
“It’s okay. You can laugh.”
I didn’t hold back, and even Cole chuckled along with me. I couldn’t help the joy that filled my heart in hearing even a small chuckle out of the man who was in a perpetual bad mood.
I made the mistake of looking up at him as we both laughed. When he smiled, adorable little crinkles outlined his eyes and he had a tiny dimple in just his left cheek. He looked carefree and young, ten times more beautiful than he had just moments earlier.
But when our eyes met, the mood instantly changed.
Neither of us was laughing anymore. Instead, an intense heat passed between us and the air around us filled with a raw and savage tension.

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Excerpt 3
“Hey, Nicki,” he greeted the leggy blonde who he sat next to at lunch. Her eyes zeroed in on me.
“Oh, I didn’t know you had company.”
Cole glanced over at me. “She’s not company. She’s just my assistant.”
Just my assistant.
Just my assistant.
I thought about his words with disappointment.
Just when I started to think that there could be something between us, I was put back in my place. Shoved back into place, really. I’d gotten carried away with the kiss, that was all. It hadn’t meant to him what it might’ve meant to me.
I was relegated back to his assistant. Not the woman he kissed and would’ve taken to bed had we not been interrupted.
“Is now a good time?” Nicki asked.
“Let’s chat in the hall.”
He followed her out, closing the door behind him.
Guilt washed over me.
I’d been ready to do so much more than kiss Cole.
It wasn’t fair to John, and it wasn’t fair to me. But life wasn’t fair, and I could stand in place all day thinking about how wrong it was or I could do something about it.
I wasn’t sure exactly what to do about it, but the walls of the huge hotel suite were suddenly suffocating me. I needed to get out.
I grabbed my purse and my phone, making sure I had my key, and I walked out the door.
Cole was standing too close to Nicki—or maybe Nicki was standing too close to Cole—but it wasn’t my business. I was just his assistant. I brushed past the two of them, my legs carrying me toward the elevator as I struggled to catch my breath.
Maybe his eyes were on me, and maybe they weren’t—but I didn’t check to see. Either way, it didn’t matter. Because I was just his assistant.
I was married, and I’d just kissed another man.
Lisa Suzanne is a romance author who resides in Arizona with her husband and baby boy. She’s a part-time college instructor and former high school English teacher. When she's not cuddling baby Mason, she can be found working on her latest book or watching reruns of Friends.

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