Bedwrecker Teaser #3 and Sneak Peak By Kim Karr

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Release Date November 3rd
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I tip my head back and down all 1.5 ounces. The initial burn jolts me, but after that, the taste spreads deliciously across my tongue. When my gaze returns to eye level, it lands on the most absolutely gorgeous-looking man I have ever seen, and he is headed our way.
In a simple white shirt and plain black pants, you wouldn’t think someone could be so sexy.
Yet he is.
I watch his slow strides, and I swear every part of me goes on alert, and I mean every part.
As cliché as it sounds, this man is tall, dark, and handsome as hell. Messy yet perfect dark hair, a lean build that makes him look like he could bend a woman over with ease, a wide mouth with full lips that I bet can drive a woman to her knees with one kiss, and the bluest, most glimmering eyes that must make the best magic.
Holy crap!
I think he sees me staring, because his lips curve into a slow, sexy smile.
He looks naughty.
And so my type.


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