🎧 Audiobook New Release: The First Taste, A Single Dad Romance By: Jessica Hawkins!!!! 🎧

Sebastian York & Andi Arndt are the award-winning duo of narrators for The First Taste 
You can finally get Andrew Beckwith in your ears, and just in time for Father's Day!
Now LIVE as an audiobook: THE FIRST TASTE, a sexy, single-dad standalone romance narrated by award-winning duo, SEBASTIAN YORK & ANDI ARNDT. Plus, the ebook is still free for a limited time! Read an excerpt below...
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“You’re hard,” Amelia says, stroking me once.
I stroke her too, curling my fingers inside her. “What’d you expect?”
“That you’d be hard.” She circles the tip with her palm, spreading pre-cum over my head.
I grit my teeth.
“You’re big,” she adds.
I hold her gaze. I like where this dirty talk is going. “What’d you expect?”
“That you’d be big. That’s two out of three things I was right about.”
“What’s the third?”
“I’ll let you know.” She pushes my pants down so they pool around my feet. Taking the condom from me, she positions it over my crown. Her fingers are long, but her hands are small, making me look even bigger as she rolls on the condom.
I love that she wants this as badly as I do. I love that she didn’t ask me to turn out the lights, that it didn’t even occur to her. I can see every part of her, the pinch of her eyebrows as she focuses, the pink flush of her chest, the swell of her nipples.
When she finishes, I kiss her hard, moving so my thighs press against the counter’s cabinets. I take my dick in my free hand, position it, and spread my fingers inside her, opening her up for me.
And then, she tenses up so tightly, she constricts around my fingers. She stops kissing me. I pull back a little to look her in the face. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” She pulls me back by my collar, and as quickly as she went taut, she’s jelly again. “I’m good.”
We both watch as I press my crown in. I don’t remove my hand from between her legs right away. I want some part of me inside her at all times. When I’ve begun inching my way in, I take out my fingers to thrust deep, anchoring myself to the hilt.
Her uninhibited groan is music to my ears, undoing me just a little. I slide out and dive back in. She’s hot, tight, but she takes all of me with each thrust. As I go harder, I reach up to touch her face, but she catches my wrist. She brings my hand to her mouth. I widen my eyes as she wraps her lips around my fingers and sucks herself off them.
Fuck me. The sensation of being suckled is enough to have me grinding into her but knowing she’s not shy makes my balls ache in the best way. I wrap one arm around her waist, lift her, and hold in her place as I fuck up into her. She releases my fingers, drops her head back, and silently cries up at the ceiling. Her tits jiggle in my face. With my other hand, I grab the nape of her neck and bounce her harder onto me.
“Give me a drink,” I command, my voice foreign and rough.
She rights her head, looking down at me a moment. Since my hands are full, she grabs my glass and tilts it over my mouth. She drips a little onto my tongue, but because I’m still fucking her, it trickles, and she laps it off my bottom lip. I try to capture her tongue, but she arches back, allowing me a deeper angle. She drips Glenlivet onto her chest, and it rivers between her breasts and down her stomach. I suck it off her, following its path, as if her skin isn’t just covered in whisky but soaked in it.
“God, Andrew,” she moans. “You can fuck. Just as I expected.”
“Three for three,” I say, panting.
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