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Here's what people are saying about Professor with Benefits:

  • "The best student/teacher relationship book I've ever read. It was funny, sweet and sexy. I found it well written with a wonderful flow. I just didn't want it to end."   

  • "This book was amazing, such great characters and a fun storyline. Mickey's description of Dom-Com was dead on. It was sweet, funny and dirty."  
  • "One of the best Professor/Student romance stories I have read. It was well written, funny, and off the charts sexy."

  • "A hot, sexy story that breaks all of the rules. Full of surprises, "oh-oh" moments, and slick heat, Mickey's Student/Teacher taboo relationship will keep you in suspense until the very end."

  • "Professor with Benefits has a refreshing take on a story that is usually very predictable. Mickey has a unique writing style that draws you in, and makes you part of the storyline and the characters. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a HEA with light-hearted comedy intermingled with spicy dialogue and steamy love scenes."

"Professor with Benefits is not your typical dom/sub story. If you haven't read Mickey Miller's books before, you are in for a nice surprise. If you've read his books before then you know that he doesn't follow the norm. In Professor with Benefits, he doesn't go for the straight up BDSM story. No! Professor with Benefits is one Dom/Com that'll make laugh."

I'm studying to be a sex therapist, and I haven’t even had sex yet. Which is why I decide that Professor Hanks is going to be the one to take my virginity.

I want Professor Hanks to be my dom.
Hung Hanks. That’s what they call him. All the students know Professor Hanks’ reputation since he grew up in Blackwell.

Small town high school football star turned Harvard Ph.D. Only in town to care for his dying mother. Too good for ‘local’ girls.

I’ve done my research, and he’s the perfect candidate for what I want. Hot, smart, dominant.

Did I mention hung?

Cole Hanks:
Sixty Days. That’s all she wants from me.
Not even a full semester.

Rose Allison wants me to be her dom for two months, and then she’s done with me.

She wants me to show her how to be the perfect little submissive and then move on.

But the thing is, sixty days isn’t nearly enough for me. Once I get started, I have to finish her.

There’s just one big problem.

She’s a student. I’m her professor. Our romance isn’t exactly in line with school policy.

Sure, you’ve heard of student-teacher romances before.

Except this one has an ending no one saw coming Not even me.


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