Moore To Love Book Birthday Sale(Only 99 cents for a LIMITED Time) By: Faith Andrews!!!!

This time last year, Leni Moore came onto the rom-com scene and stole everyone's hearts with her larger than life humor and good nature. She taught women all over the world that you have to love yourself and the rest will follow...

"...clearly the feel good book of the summer. A book I honestly could not put down and one that captured my heart."

"Moore to Love warmed my heart. It soothed my soul and made me smile ear to ear."


" of the most empowering books for the modern day woman." The book that readers fell head over heels for last summer is on sale for #99cents for a limited time only!

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Join the thousands of Faith fans who cheered on Leni and Lane and learned that the only size that matters is the size of your heart.


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